Montserrat Hosts Christian Conference in March

All are invited to a Christian conference March 15th to the 16th at the following times and locations:

Friday March 15th - 6PM at the Brades Arts & Education Centre. 12 hours of continuous worship

March 16 - 7pm at the Davy Hill Community Centre

March 17 - 10am at the Davy Hill Community Centre

 March 18 - 10am at the Montserrat Cultural Centre

The aim of the conference is that participants will experience the glory of God and pray for Montserrat at this critical time.  Admission is free.

 The visiting ministers are: Bishop Kady-Ann Wallace of Outreach Feed My Sheep Ministries and Minister Kaydian Simpson of Faith Deliverance Ministries International.  They will be coming with other team members.  Both ministries are located in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Tanisha Christopher