Physical Planning Halts Ledonda Bay Consultation

Consultations on the proposed development in Woodlands known as The Montserrat Ledonda Bay Project has been put on hold, at least for the time being.

ZJB News has been reliably informed that the local company behind the project, Paradise Development Company has asked the Physical Planning Unit to halt the process.

It is unclear what prompted the request.

The Physical Planning Unit released a statement on Wednesday informing the public of the postponement of the modification to the Physical Development Plan.

The notice stated that the proposal for the modification to the Plan for rezoning parts of Woodlands for a tourism related development – The Ledonda Development is being put on hold until further notice.

It went on to state that the town hall meeting carded for July 18 at the Salem Primary School is also postponed until further notice.

Information on the proposed Ledonda Bay Project in Woodlands was disclosed when the PPU launched a consultation seeking public input on a proposal for modifying the Physical Development Plan.

The project it said, consists of high end condominium villas including facilities for recreation and cultural events.

The project valued at millions is designed to be a blend of elegant, romantic, free, open and dynamic themes.