The Cultural Show

Saturdays, 9:00AM – 11:00AM EST

The Cultural Show hosted by Rose Willock is a conversation involving listeners on everything to do with culture as we understand it.

The programme most times hosts persons from the community and Montserratians living abroad, and others with a story to share do so in a lively, all inclusive manner.

The topics cover but are not limited to the arts, politics, customs, attitudes, religion, rituals, cuisine, social habits, music, language, the environment, indeed any and everything that are integral to the norms and behaviours that are considered central to human anthropology.

The invited guests share their stories, highlight their interests, promote the various activities they are involved in while the moderator of the show encourage listeners to be part of the conversation, and discussion via comments, questions, jokes, the works. 

Ms. Willock is an Educator, Broadcaster, Journalist, Communication Consultant, Social development and cultural activist.  She is a retired Media Manager but continues to share her expertise and Media Management skills with various media institutions and other organizations within and without the Caribbean.

As a freelance Broadcaster and Journalist, Communications Consultant, Events Coordinator, and Cultural activist, this lady continues to devote her professional life in trying to make a positive difference in the lives of people, bringing the issues to them, giving them a voice to tell their stories, share their faith and in so doing, indicating to all that everyone can excel against all odds.


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