Government Backbencher Claude Hogan Fence Sits on Recent Political Developments

Government backbencher Claude Hogan has stopped short of taking a definitive position on the recent developments on the political scene on Montserrat. 

The build up last week ended in Gregory Willock MP resigning his post as Parliamentary Secretary and as a member of the ruling PDM government. 

There’s been much anticipation especially in local circles that Mr. Hogan would have responded earlier to the resignation of Mr. Willock

However, in a statement from the United Kingdom, a copy of which was made available to ZJB News Monday, Mr. Hogan only says …quote…”we are living in interesting times”….end quote. 

He states that there has been much change over the last week and with good reason.

Mr. Hogan however settles for a back seat saying some people are looking to him to create further change to lead the nation out of the impasse the government finds itself in; explaining that he does not see the need for the constant rush to deny and exclude anyone.

In settling for middle ground, Mr. Hogan says he agrees that further change has to come, not because he (Hogan) will create it but because the people of Montserrat demand it.

MP Hogan continues by stating that the status quo cannot remain, stressing that the government has taken some wrong turns over the last 4 years.

He was fired from his post as then Minister of Agriculture in September last year.

The Former Agriculture minister explains that from within government he tried to right some mistakes, but now as a lowly backbencher, it is not up to him to lead on the issues at hand; emphasizing that it is a job for elected Premier Donaldson Romeo

Mr. Hogan says he has advised Premier Romeo to be bold and put loyalty to country before any personal loyalty.

He said if the Premier cannot or will not do that, then it is for the people to speak either en masse or individually to their representatives and make clear the direction they wish their government to take.

MP Hogan is calling on the people to make their will clear, promising his solemn word to supporting the people’s will 

He says he has already demonstrated his loyalty to his party and now, he will demonstrate his loyalty to his country.