PDM Administration Survives Vote of No-Confidence

The Motion of no-confidence in the Donaldson Romeo-Led government has been defeated.

Following spirited debate from both sides of the house, the vote ended 5-4 in favour of the government side in the Legislative Assembly Monday.

Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo offered a scathing rebuttal and made a point-by-point refutation of the challenges leveled against his government by the Honourable Independent Opposition member Dr. Ingrid Buffonge, the mover of the no-confidence motion, among others on the opposition side

Premier Romeo’s speech also marked days of debate which was followed by the vote on the no-confidence motion against his government

The voting resulted in a win for the government voting against the motion, while four opposition MPs voted in favour of it.

Following Dr. Buffonge’s claims, Premier Romeo says his government’s operation is completely focused and transparent

Premier Donaldson Romeo

Meantime, for her part, the Honourable Opposition MP Dr. Buffonge, spoke of a democracy, a space in which political will through the electoral process, should reflect the will of the people.

She says the motion of no-confidence creates the opportunity for the maintenance of this democracy

Independent Opposition MP Dr. Ingrid Buffonge