Government Awards 1.89 Million EC Dollar Solar Energy Contract

The Government of Montserrat has awarded a 1.89 million EC Dollar contract for the installation of a solar energy system.

The contract was given to “Salt Energy,” a clean energy development company in Florida.

Salt Energy creates power plants in the range of 3 to 30 megawatts of capacity, utilizing Solar, Wind, CHP,
Fuel Cell and other clean energy

The project is under the Ministry of Communications Works Labour and Energy, Energy Policy, that includes the 250kilowatt Solar PV Project.

According to a press release from the ministry, this project is a turnkey design, engineering, procurement and construction product which includes the installation of PV modules, provision of wiring and electrical components through to a PV inverter, interconnections with existing electrical panels, provision of material and spare parts.

Locals will also be trained in the operation and maintenance of the system.

The Ministry says the completion of this project is pivotal, as it will contribute 11% of Montserrat's daily Electricity Peak Demand…….

……..but more importantly, it will open up access to further funding for the second phase of the project, the 750KW Solar PV and Battery Storage project under the EDF11 Programme, with an expected multi-million-dollar injection.

All of this will begin to fulfil the ministry’s goal of switching energy generation from fossil fuels to renewable energy, improve Montserrat’s energy efficiency and attain a more reliable energy supply.

It is estimated that this phase of the Solar PV project would be completed by the end of quarter 1 of 2019.