Shelly Harris Responds to Outrage to Her Submission to the FAC

As her submission to the UK Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) continues to attract the ire of some people both on Montserrat and in the diaspora, Shelly Harris has issued a statement in her defense.

In her submission to the FAC, Mrs. Harris launched what some perceived to be an attack on the people of Montserrat, its institutions and government. 

Among the statements thought to be provocative is a suggestion that the UK government should reduce the ferry service to ten days of operation per year, productivity in the public service, and the inability of the island to govern itself.

As far as the access issue is concerned, Managing Director of Fly Montserrat, Nigel Harris distanced himself from the statements made by his partner saying in a subsequent statement that the views made by Mrs. Harris did not necessarily reflect the views of the company.

James White Jr has more on Mrs. Harris’ statement