Plastic Products to be Banned in all Government Ministries and Department

The Government of Montserrat, through a Cabinet decision, has banned the use of plastic products in all Government Ministries and Departments.

The ban, which comes into effect by December 31, includes plastic cups, plates and Styrofoam dishes.

It is part of a Cabinet approved ‘Go Green’ initiative and is a precursor to a wider policy, aimed at ensuring that suitable steps are taken to secure an environmentally sustainable future for Montserrat. 

The ‘Go Green” initiative encourages the use of biodegradable products, which are environmentally friendly and therefore reduces adverse effects to the environment. 

Government Ministries and Departments are now expected to investigate and identify local and other suppliers of biodegradable products to ensure compliance with the Cabinet directive. 

Similar initiatives have been implemented regionally and internationally to reduce detrimental impacts on the environment, caused by the rising use of single-use or disposable plastic products.