Montserrat Contributes To Guide to Improve Access to Early Childhood Education

Steps have been taken to improve the quality of and access to early childhood education for children ages zero to five in Montserrat and the Caribbean.


The Caribbean Development Bank and the United Nations Children’s Fund have partnered to produce the Caribbean Early Childhood Development Good Practice Guide.

Montserrat's Early Childhood Coordinator, Inez Thompson is among the contributors to the document, which was launched in Antigua under the theme “Early Moments Matter – Nurturing Care in the Early Years.”

Research suggests that the Caribbean still invests too little, or not at all, in early education.

According to data collected by the CDB, 25 percent of the region’s children, mainly those from poor and vulnerable families, do not have access during critical developmental years.

Research shows that every dollar spent on Early Childhood Development results in a return of seven dollars, and highlights a strong correlation between countries that invest heavily during these early years, and those with high levels of economic and social development.

Citing this data, the CDB called for greater collaboration and cooperation among regional stakeholders, including between donors and borrowers.

In addition to partnering with UNICEF to produce the good practice guide, the CDB will, over the next five years, support ECD projects and collaborate with some borrowing member countries to support the customization and implementation of early stimulation and emergent learning programmes to benefit approximately 7,400 pre-schoolers.

CDB’s and UNICEF’s efforts align with the region’s ongoing drive to meet Goal 4 under the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.