Government Data Online

The Territory to Territory Partnership agreement between Montserrat and the Falkland Islands is already yielding results, at least in the area of Data Management.

A database capturing information collected by Government Ministries and Departments has been created.

The system is being managed by the GIS Department.

Manager Lavern Rogers Ryan and Technician Rondel Meade travelled to the Falkland Islands in February to build a Metadata Catalogue, which is a register that would make it easier for users to retrieve the data.

GIS Technician Rondell Meade says the training conducted by the lead GIS technician at the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute, SAERI was instructive and helped to improve his understanding of Meta databases and how they are structured.

GIS Technician Rondell Meade. 

Persons can visit and click on Metadata Catalogue to request data.