Montserrat Moves to Develop World Class Public Service

A series of learning and development workshops for senior public servants opened on Monday.

The objective of the sessions is to bring the public service one step closer to its goal of becoming a world class body.

Addressing the public servants at the first session on Monday, Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson encouraged the officers to adopt a solution-oriented way of thinking and not be intimidated by the challenges ahead.

She said developing ‘A World Class Public Service’ requires the collective effort of all public officers which she believes is core and central in positively moving things forward within the service.

Mrs. Simpson defined a World Class Public Service as being empowered, healthy, professional, wholesome, excellent, customer focused and educated.

She also addressed what she termed an urgent need for a mindset change and for civil servants to recognize their own roles in achieving a world class service.

The workshop sessions are targeting about thirty Managers, Directors and Assistant Secretaries within the Montserrat Public Service who are expected to be change ambassadors and facilitators to drive the thrust towards institutionalizing a culture of excellence in the Public Service.

Some of the areas being covered are Leadership and Management, People and Structures, Transactional vs Transformational Leadership, the role of Change Management Facilitators and Ambassadors and “Pitfalls to Avoid” among others. 

The facilitators are Dr Nsombi Taya and Robert Gregory from A-Z Information, Jamaica Limited based consultancy firm.

The sessions are geared towards the development of a Government of Montserrat Workforce Strategy and Implementation Plan which aims to provide the framework for developing a world class public service.