Montserrat Assumes Chairmanship of CRFM Ministerial Council

Montserrat has assumed the chairmanship of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, CRFM, Forum and the Ministerial Council. 

Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment, the Honourable David Osborne will chair the Ministerial Council, which will meet in Montserrat in May.

Chief Fisheries and Ocean Governance Officer, Alwyn Ponteen assumed the chairmanship of the CFRM Technical Committee, for programme year 2018/2019, following the Sixteenth Meeting of the CRFM Forum on April 16 and 17 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. 

Haiti was originally scheduled to take over the chairmanship of the CRFM and Ministerial Council this year, with Montserrat scheduled for 2019. 

However, Haiti was unable to host this year and Minister Osborne embraced the offer, as it was recognized as an opportunity to signal confidence in Montserrat being capable of accommodating regional conferences.

CRFM Forum at the Montserrat Cultural Centre

CRFM Forum at the Montserrat Cultural Centre

In his remarks at last week’s Forum, Minister Osborne spoke of the importance of regional partnerships to achieve the goal of healthy and sustainable fisheries. 

Minister Osborne noted that support is necessary and critical as the region faces challenges with man made and natural disasters, climate change, population growth and land based and marine pollution. 

The Executive Director of the CRFM Secretariat, Mr. Milton Haughton echoed the sentiments on unity in the Region while giving his remarks. 

He also highlighted the value of marine resources for food and livelihoods in the region and stated that “the total fish export from the region is nearly $300 million dollars every year”.  

During the forum, the participants reviewed progress and areas for improvement over the last year, reviewed the Draft Protocol to integrate Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management into the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy, discussed management plans for fishers, and agreed on recommendations for the Ministerial Council to consider for the sustainability of the Region’s fisheries.