DG Warns Against Complacency, Weeks Before Start of Hurricane Season

Montserrat’s Honorable Deputy Governor has issued a call for residents not to become complacent, especially with the start of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season just around the corner.

Speaking at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Thursday during the opening of a disaster management workshop on building a culture of preparedness – when seconds count”, Lyndell Simpson said living with an active volcano is an ever constant reminder that residents must always be proactive in mitigation and continuity efforts.

Mrs. Simpson also explained that the focus of the seminar was timely and relatable as the hurricane season approaches.



The Honourable Deputy Premier, Delmaude Ryan, in her opening remarks, restated the importance of disaster preparedness, and more so resiliency.



The Disaster Management workshop held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre was one in a series being conducted in the islands under the theme “Business and Community Resiliency in the Face of Natural Disasters.”

Tropical Shipping was the main organizer of the disaster workshop in conjunction with collaborating partners CaribTrans, The Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA), British Consulate-General Miami, The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA).