The 27th Annual Mother's Day Extravaganza | A Night of Excellence

Photo Credit: The Montserrat Progressive Society 

Photo Credit: The Montserrat Progressive Society 

Scores of Montserratians turned out for the 27th annual Mothers Day Extravaganza on May 13th in New York.

Hosted by ZJB Radio Montserrat’s Basil Chambers, the Extravaganza has been described by attendees as truly a night of excellence.

During the fabulous ceremony, four Montserratians who have made remarkable contributions to the Montserrat community were recognized.

Mrs. Ruthlyn Semper, a Mother of two and Nurse specializing in Patient Care was the 2018 Mother of the Year Recipient.

The Herbert B Samuel Achievement Presidential Award was presented to Wilford ‘Moose’ Meade for his kindness and generousity as well as for making a contribution to the private sector of Montserrat both Pre and Post Volcano.

Lousille Ozward Carty affectionately known as ‘Ozzie’ was the 2018 recipient of the Emily C Martinez Service Award for his generosity to the Montserrat Community and in particular to Senior Citizens.

Miss Vick Dyer, Montserrat’s most recent Centenarian was also the recipient of an award.

To commemorate the Extravaganza, a booklet was published featuring congratulatory messages from His Excellency, the Governor Andrew Pearce and The Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo.

Mr. Pearce stated that “The Montserrat Progressive Society of New York is an especially impressive example of that strong Montserratian connection and spirit.”

He commented that the “strength of character, integrity and good work” of the honourees would serve as an inspiration for “us all.”

Premier Romeo joined in recognizing the work of the Montserrat Progressive Society of New York “we have witnessed your generosity to the Montserrat Old People’s Welfare Association, Montserrat Fire Department and Montserrat Red Cross in providing supplies and services. Every year, ordinary people, who have gone about their ordinary lives, not expecting recognition or fame, are identified by you and awarded for their exemplary acts of Kindness. “

Photo Credit Montserrat Progressive Society 

Photo Credit Montserrat Progressive Society