Premier Clarifies Decolonization Decision

Premier Donaldson Romeo says his decision to have Montserrat remain on the United Nations list of countries seeking decolonization alligns with his Government’s push to have the island attain economic independence.

The leader of Government Business says Montserrat being on the list, puts the island in a formidable position to press Britain to accept its obligation to address the island’s political, social and economic needs.

The Premier’s most recent comments on his decision were stated to clarify misleading news stories published in the media last week about the decision taken by him at the "Special Committee on Decolonization” during the United Nations Sustainable Development Seminar in Grenada.

The confusion intensified when an article appeared in the Jamaica Observer on May 12th under the caption “Montserrat wants to remain a British colony”

The inaccurate headline was also published in a number of Caribbean newspapers to include the Antigua Newsroom and Cananewsonline.

Premier Romeo’s Decolonization pronouncement was also misconstrued by Host of Labour Speaks Hylroy Bramble in the most recent airing of his programme.

To bring an end to the confusion, the Premier sat down with Director of Information Viona Smith who asked him to explain the benefits of Montserrat remaining on the list.

Premier Romeo clarified that his request to have Montserrat remain on the Decolonization list does not mean that the island will automatically seek independence.