Football Association Breaks Ground on 32-Room Housing Complex


The Montserrat Football Association’s dream of building a player’s dormitory moves one step closer to reality

The MFA broke ground on the 32-room housing complex on Saturday at Blakes.

The building will have a total of 16,960 square feet of space broken into three main floor levels; a sub floor level, and first and second floor levels.

The first and second floors will house 32-bedroom units with a maximum holding capacity of 64 guests at a given period.

The lower sub floor holds the main dining and kitchen area, along with a conference room, laundry and other rooms.

Among those presen,t were the Honourable Deputy Premier and Minister of Sports Delmaude Ryan.

She pledged the Government’s support for the project and re-emphasized her commitment to assist with the development of football in Montserrat.

President of the Montserrat Football Association Vincent Cassell, Fifa Director for Africa and the Caribbean Veron Mosengo-Omba, and Howard McIntosh, Senior Manager of One Concacaf and Caribbean projects also gave brief remarks.