Minister Osborne Supports Recycling of Plastic Products

David Osborne.jpg

The Honourable Minister with responsibility for the Environment has given his support to the use of recycled products.

David Osborne believes this would reduce the use of plastics, Styrofoam and bottles that are becoming environmental hazards on the island.

Two million single-use plastic bags per minute are distributed at store checkout counters across the globe, with devastating environmental impacts result from their production, consumption, and disposal.

Plastic bag production uses approximately 8%-10% of global oil supply, and more than 12 million barrels of petroleum in the U.S. alone.

It is against this background that Minister Osborne spoke out recently about the use of recycled products on Montserrat.

He supports the move by several countries including those in the Caribbean who have banned the use of plastic shopping bags.

The Environment Minister also believes Montserrat should develop a plan to recycle waste products that would reduce devastating and costly environmental impacts.