Dr. Lewis Graduates With MSc in Experimental Surgery

Lowell graduation1.jpg

Montserrat’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has added another degree to his list of academic achievements.

Dr. Lowell Lewis on Tuesday graduated with a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Experimental Surgery and Surgical Education from McGill University in Montreal Canada.

The degree provides hands-on learning experience for students to develop skills necessary to work within multidisciplinary teams in the creation of marketable prototypes which are used in the development of novel surgical and medical devices.

The research programme at McGill University covers a wide spectrum, including injury, repair, recovery, tissue engineering, transplantation, fibrosis, cancer and stem cell biology, biomechanics, organ failure, surgical stimulation, surgical innovation, education, and evaluative/outcomes research.

The title of Dr. Lewis’ thesis was “Appropriate surgical education for countries with limited resources.”

He also holds a Bachelors of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery MBBS, and is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health.

Dr. Lewis celebrated his most recent accomplishment with his family members by his side at the graduation ceremony in Montreal, Canada.