DG Scolds Senior Public Servants For "Unprofessionalism"

The actions of public servants who failed to show up on time for the launch of a Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) funded training on Tuesday overshadowed the opening of the workshop.

Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson Greer issued a stern verbal reprimand to the tardy officers calling their behavior a blatant "display of disrespect for people’s time".

The workshop is the first phase of a blended face to face and online training programme geared at increasing the technical capacity of public servants to deliver priority policies and projects in Montserrat.

Mrs. Simpson said the conduct exhibited by the officers is a clear demonstration that the public service is not ready for action.

Approximately 100 public servants of varying scales are expected to benefit from the Public Policy Analysis and Management and Project Cycle Management.

The Caribbean Development Bank’s Consultant and Coordinator Reginald Graham says the programme is designed to strengthen the efficiency and accountability of the public sector.

The workshop ends on Saturday.