Bank Of Montserrat Awards Outstanding Staff

An evening of celebration and recognition of the staff and customers of the Bank of Montserrat on Saturday in commemoration of the institutions 30th anniversary.

Awards were presented to fifteen staff members who have served the bank from 5 years to as long as up to 28 years.

Mr. Ian PcPhoy received the prestigious award for Employee of the Year.

The recipient of the Teller of the Year award was Rashawna Cameron. She also was recognized for being a Wow Champion. 

Miss Amivi Bledze received the award for Overall Service Excellence and Mrs. Angela Louis Charles received the Managements award of Excellence for 2017.

Three Staff members were also recognized for having a perfect attendance in 2017.

Tomaira Playter was the recipient of the Most Improved Teller Award 

The Bank’s Manager Michael Joseph paid tribute to the bank’s staff and customers for their commitment to the institution over the years.

BOM Anniversary.jpg