Brades Primary Student, Top CPEA Performer

The Brades Primary School Family is ecstatic after one of their students was announced as the top performer in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) Exams on Thursday Morning.

Jaaziah Hackett outperformed fifty0five other grade 6 students across the island in the primary school exit exams.

Hackett scored 466 points.

Hayley Shai Kassie from the St. Augustine Primary School placed second in the island with 449 points.

Scoring 446 points, Neah Francois and Matthew Owen, both from the St. Augustine Primary School are the islands third best performers.

Tene Fergus from the Brades Primary School placed 5th in the island with 434 points.

Out of the top ten places in Montserrat, St Augustine obtained five places, Brades four places; and Lookout Primary school got one place.