Acting Chief HR Officer Appointed, Fletcher-Clarke Terminated

The Office of the Deputy Governor has confirmed the appointment of Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon to the post of Acting Chief Human Resource Officer. 

Mrs. Williams Kirnon replaces Dr. Joycelyn Clarke Fletcher with whom the Government of Montserrat severed its employment relationship earlier on Wednesday.

Dr. Fletcher served as Chief Human Resource Officer in the Human Resource Management Unit (HRMU) for under a year.

A release from the office of the Deputy Governor did not give reasons for Mrs. Fletcher’s termination except to extend thanks to her for her services to the Government of Montserrat for just over a year, and wished her well in her future endeavours. 

Mrs Williams-Kirnon has been employed with the Government of Montserrat for 26 years and brings to the post a wealth of experience having worked in various capacities namely Ministry of Education, Human Resource Management Unit (HMRU), Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour and the Office of the Deputy Governor.  

Mrs Williams-Kirnon is currently the Programme Manager for the Empowering Excellence Programme (EEP) through Human Resource Transformation within the Government of Montserrat Public Service.

The Honourable Deputy Governor Lyndel Simpson also thanks Mrs Williams-Kirnon for taking up the mantle to lead the Human Resource Management Unit (HMRU) at this critical time.  

Mrs Williams-Kirnon says it is an honour and a privilege to be able to serve the Government and people of Montserrat in this capacity.  

Meantime, ZJB News contacted Dr. Clarke-Fletcher to get a feel as to what might have happened and was told that there were persons, without giving names, who concocted a bunch of lies against her. 

She also intimated that wherever she worked before throughout the region and beyond prior to coming to Montserrat, she has had an unimpeachable record. 

Dr. Clarke Fletcher said because of her strong Christian beliefs she would leave the whole matter in the hands of God. 

She says when the time is right, she will return peacefully to her native St. Lucia.