Training For Professionals on Suicide Prevention

A series of fora aimed at developing capacity and training professionals within the childcare field on Suicide Prevention will be held here this week.

The Mental Health Department of the Government of Montserrat and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have planned a three day forum targeting the Royal Montserrat Police Service, the Social Services Department, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Doctors, Nurses and family members.

Psychologist within the Ministry of Health Shana Carrington says the workshop is being organized as a result of a number of premature suicidal cases on the island that have been brought to her attention.

Carrington says it is hoped that this workshop equip persons with the ability to assist in a suicidal situation.

Wednesday's forum will target Police Officers and Social Workers, on Wednesday - Teachers and Guidance Counselors and on Thursday Doctors, Nurses and the entire Montserrat Community.

Thursday’s Public Forum is entitled “Suicide Prevention and Intervention” and will be held at the New – Ebenezer Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 7:00 p.m.

These forum will be Facilitated by Mental Health Consultant with PAHO Monica Chavira.

Chavira says her presentation will be focusing on Prevention strategies.