Montserrat Represented at Caribbean Port Management Conference

Two Senior Employees of the Montserrat Port Authority are in St. Ann Jamaica for the 21st Annual General Meeting of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean, PMAC.

The Port Authority’s Accountant Simone Watts Laborde and Port Superintendent George Green are attending the 3 day meeting which has attracted Eighteen PMAC member ports across the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

The conference is this year highlighting “Disaster Management and Response Initiatives” in the wake of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Presenters include representatives from all over the region, such as the project coordinator from the Organization of American States' (OAS) Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP), Mona Swoboda, who will lead discussions on the regional CIP Disaster Management and Emergency Response initiative.

Other speakers include CEO of Kingston Wharves Limited Dr Grantley Stephenson, who will present on the diversification of ports and logistics.

The programme manager, from OCEANS LLC, Will Lusk, will be joined by Max J. Bobys, vice-president of HudsonCyber, to speak on maritime transportation and cybersecurity.

Other topics being explored include 'Smart Port, Supply Chain Visibility, Ports Connectivity/ Platform', Digital Innovation in the Port Sector: Barriers and Facilitators' and 'Port Productivity Platform - Enabling Connectivity, Efficiency, and Information Sharing'.

It is PMAC's mission to foster operational and financial efficiency and to enhance the level of service to the mutual benefit of Caribbean ports and their stakeholders through the sharing of experience, training, information and ideas.

To achieve this, it has forged partnerships with numerous regional stakeholders such as the Caribbean Maritime University, the Association of Caribbean States, the Caribbean Shipping Association, the American Association of Port Authorities, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.