EEP Continues Work To Improve The Public Service

A Comprehensive Job Evaluation and Review of Salaries within the Public Service are two Human Resource Management Initiatives public servants can look forward to come September.

The activities will be implemented by the Empowering Excellence Programme as it continues to work on improvement performance management across the service.

The EEP is also advancing plans to roll out a Modern Health and Safety Policy and a Strategic and Risk Management framework for the Government of Montserrat.

Another initiative the group is working on is introducing an Absenteeism Management System.

This system which is also on track to be implemented in September will be done in an effort to reduce absenteeism, thereby improving the performance of departments within the public service.

In a press release issued to the Media on Monday, the Empowering Excellence Programme says it is making great strides in achieving its goal of empowering and building the capacity of officers to provide excellent service.

The programme has to date undertaken two surveys to solicit feedback from customers and clients on the services provided by the public service with a view towards improving its service delivery and performance.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey facilitated by the Private Sector Advisory Committee (PSAC) involved over 250 Private and Public Sector Officers. 

This EEP said the survey revealed key areas for improvement namely customer services best practices, punctuality, knowledge of Ministry/Department, communication and confidentiality. 

An Employee Engagement Survey, was also conducted during late last year and into January 2018, facilitated by the Public Sector Task Force through an online platform. 

Over 350 public officers participated in this survey.

In related news…

The third grouping of the Public Sector Tasks Force members was installed in March 2018 for the remaining 6 month period. The group consists of a wide cross section of the Public Service from Senior Management to Junior Officers.