A Local Business Aimed at Mitigating the negative Impacts of Climate Change Was Launched on Monday

Credit: @ecowithem_

Credit: @ecowithem_

Efforts are being made to mitigate and reduce the negative impact of Climate Change on Montserrat.

This is being done through a local company - Emerald Solar and Wind Limited (ESWL) which aims to encourage the use of biodegradable food containers, alternative energy options and energy efficient resources.

Chief Operations Officer Lyston Skerritt says ESWL seeks to change the way Montserratians envision “Sustainable Living” through educational outreach, services and products.

The company is currently focusing on establishing its first phases which deal with Biodegradable food containers.

Skerritt says with a small population like Montserrat it is very possible to become a zero waste community with intentional and timely intervention.

He adds that the ultimate objective should be to reduce the carbon footprint of the island resulting in net positive impact on the environment.

ESWL was officially launched Monday evening at the 5th Meeting of OECS Ministers for Environmental Sustainability at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.