Ministry of Education Announces the Reopening of the Youth and Sports Development Project

The Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports has announced the reopening of the Youth and Sports Development Programme.

The programme will be now lead by Mr Lyston Skerritt.

Skerritt holds a Bachelors of Arts with minors in Philosophy and Psychology and a Master’s in Education and Counseling.

The programme which is now in its second phase, seeks to support the youth of Montserrat through apprenticeship placement, entrepreneur development and capacity/skill development.

In Phase II, the programme will continue to aid in establishing the policy framework for youth and sports development in Montserrat.

This includes the completion of the youth policy and a youth bill.

The menu of programs for youth will be upgraded to include Internship for students enrolled at the Montserrat Community College and the streamlining of the Community Partnership Program.

The continuation of Entrepreneurial Development will be founded on establishing independent youth lead businesses.

Programs will include the development of key skills in: bookkeeping, taxation, profit and loss statements, effective business plans and resource acquisition.

Mr. Skerritt has also been tasked to assist in the development of a Sports Bill in collaboration with the Sports Division and Sports Associations of Montserrat.

Skerritt will also develop a plan for the integration of the Youth and Sports Development Programme into the Department of Youth and Sports to ensure an efficient and effective delivery of services for the island’s youth.

The Youth and Sports Development Project is a 24-month Programme focused on capacity building, young athletes, paraprofessionals and entrepreneurs.

The objective is to build capacity towards financial independence.

The programme will re-align its operations in accordance with the Commonwealth Youth Mandate and the OECS Youth Objectives.