Premier Romeo Speaks on The Anniversary of the 1995 Volcanic Eruption

July 18th is one day in history that Montserratians both at home and in the diaspora will always remember.

For it was on this day back in 1995 that the Soufriere Hills Volcano roared back to life….and, the telling eruption episodes remain indelibly etched in the minds of those old enough to remember

The eruptions and ensuing explosions, pyroclastic flows and fatal events, have rendered more than one third of the island uninhabitable.

However, in an address to mark the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the start of eruptions, Honourable leader of government business, Donaldson Romeo, says in spite of the devastation, his government is working on a number of priority projects which will help transform Montserrat’s social and economic conditions well into the future.

Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo