UK Minister to Visit Later this Week

The United Kingdom’s minister for the Armed forces at the Minister of Defence (MOD) will be visiting Montserrat later this week.

Right Honourable Mark Lancaster’s visit coincides with a call by Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Mounts Bay, as part of the UK government’s preparedness for the peak of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

The minister, who will be accompanied by senior military planners, will arrive on island on Thursday July 26 and will depart the following day.

During his visit, Minister Lancaster will meet with the Cabinet and with key safety and security personnel and agencies.

He will also a first-hand view of the capabilities of RFA Mounts Bay.

Discussions will focus primarily on safety and security with particular reference to disaster preparedness and resilience.

Speaking ahead of his familiarization visit minister Lancaster says he is delighted to have been given an opportunity to visit Montserrat and to see the support that the ULK government is providing through the presence of Mounts Bay.

He said if Montserrat were to be impacted, RFA Mounts Bay would be in an excellent position to provide a platform for the UK’s first response efforts

Meantime, His Excellency the governor, Andrew Pearce, articulates that minister Lancaster’s visit is a clear recognition that Montserrat and support for its disaster preparedness and management are a priority for the UK Government

His Excellency the governor, Andrew Pearce