Premier Calls For Unity In Opposition to UK Legislation

The Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo has called on members of the Legislative Assembly to unite in opposition to the British Government imposing laws on the overseas territories. 

Mr. Romeo referred to the legislation passed in the House of Commons in May requiring public disclosure of beneficial ownership in the OT’s. 

Some of the Territories responded vigorously to this development, with some calling for a different, more empowering relationship with the UK.

Meanwhile, in the Cayman Islands, Premier Alden McLaughlin called the British decision “colonial despotism”.

He stated that the actions of the House of Commons in seeking to legislate for OT’s amount to constitutional overreach and are reminiscent of the worst injustices of a bygone era of colonial despotism.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, Mr. Romeo said he is prepared to oppose the decision made by the United Kingdom, as it was unconstitutional, backward and not in keeping with British policy. 

Meanwhile, the honourable Leader of the Opposition Easton Taylor Farrell said the matter was only raised in the Legislative Assembly because the other OT’s objected to the imposition of public disclosure of beneficial ownership. 

He stated however, that the opposition supports measures in the Company Bill that promotes transparency.

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Easton Taylor Farrell