Opinion | Public Beneficial Ownership To Dominate Inquiry Into OT's

A leading newspaper in the Cayman Islands believes the controversial Public Beneficial Ownership Register will feature prominently in the inquiry announced by the United Kingdom Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.

Caymanian Times says however, the FAC does not directly mention the crucial issue which has threatened to fracture relations between Overseas Territories and the UK.

According to the newspaper, this is a very vexing issue in which the British government has threatened to impose by imperial decree on the OTs legislation already adopted by the British parliament if they don’t voluntarily pass the legislation locally.

It has met with strong condemnation, shock and anger from the OTs, where there have been complaints of colonialism and unfair discrimination.

The Government of Montserrat is considering its submission to the FAC, although ZJB News understands that an extension to the September 3rd deadline is being sought.

Members of the Parliamentary Opposition, who say they will a separation submission, hosted a call in programme on ZJB on Wednesday evening to solicit feedback from the public.

His Excellency Governor Andrew Pearce on a recent appearance on ZJB welcomed the inquiry but said there should not be too much focus on the issue of beneficial ownership.