Management of A and F Apologizes for Sudden Closure


The Management of the A & F Service Centre in St. John’s is formally apologizing to the general public for its sudden closure.

A press statement from the Management of A & F says it is unfortunate that they have come upon difficult circumstances and is very much aware and understand the impact that it is having not only on individuals, but the Montserrat economy as a whole.

It says the troubles management are currently experiencing stem from years of trying to balance their finances which at this time has placed the operations in a vulnerable position, and hence the closure.

The Management of the A & F Service Centre say it is currently in talks with the Government of Montserrat as to the best course of action going forward, emphasizing that they hope to resolve the situation in the coming days

The management express its thanks and appreciation to the general public and government stakeholders for their understanding and patience in the current situation they are faced with.

The Management thanks everyone for their support in what they describe as these “challenging times.”

The A & F Service Centre closed its doors abruptly to the public last Wednesday.