Government Pushes Ahead With Plans For Port Project

The Government of Montserrat is actively pushing ahead with its plans to develop a breakwater and berthing facility for the island.

The Ministry of Communications and Works is this week hosting four of the five companies that intend to bid on the technical consultancy and supervision for the port project. The Ministry says it is fast tracking its plans to accelerate the progress of the roll out of the project.

The consultancy company, once installed will assist the government with the preparation of the necessary tender documentation and facilitate the public awareness element of the programme.

Communications and Works Minister Paul Lewis says the successful company will also be contracted to oversee and supervise the contract for the design and build component of the project.

Given this development, The Port Development Interim Project Coordinator Rolando Cassie indicated a 2019 start date for actual construction with an expected completion date of 2020.

The prospective consultants who are on island for the tenders meeting and site visit represent IMC Worldwide based in the United Kingdom, Stantech Consultant International based in Canada, B Eid Holdings also from Canada and Caribbean Coastal Services based in the Bahamas.

The other potential consultancy company Mott McDonald opted not to participate in the tenders meeting and site visits.

Location Identified

The Government says it is moving forward with Little Bay as the preferred site for the port development project. The Project Coordinator outlined the factors that were used to determine Little Bay as the most suitable location.

The breakwater and berthing facilitated will be funded by the Caribbean Development Fund, CDB to the tune of 21 million pounds which will cover the cost of consultancies and actual construction.