RMDF Members in Training Camp

Members of the Royal Montserrat Defence Force are once again receiving an opportunity to build on their existing skillets.The officers commenced their annual training camp on Friday at the Montserrat Secondary School.

The RMDF training is this year focusing on Disaster Preparedness and enhancing the skills of members, enabling the force to provide civil and internal security assistance to the police service when needed.

According to the RMDF, the Police have relied on the Defence Force for support during joint operations from a number of high profile events. These and other types of support are expected to continue at large and high profile events while the RMPS is in the process of recruiting and training officers to fill existing vacancies.

During the camp, members of the Force along with security personnel from the Bank of Montserrat, Montserrat Port Authority and the RMPS will be put through a one week, “Basic Security Guarding Course”.

The course is being run in conjunction with the Montserrat Community College and the Royal Montserrat Police Service.


Highlights of the camp will include a church parade, a number community projects, training aboard the Heliconia Star, shooing practice and disaster response related training. A field exercise and an open day for the public, family and friends are planned for Sunday August 26th.

In addition, RMDF members are being mentored by RMPS personnel in areas such as traffic control, statement writing, giving evidence in court and other law and order subjects all of which are necessary to properly “Provide Civil and Internal Security Assistance to the Royal Montserrat Police Service”.

Commanding Officer Major Alvin Ryan says the RMDF takes seriously its role to provide Internal Security Assistance very seriously as they want to be prepared for any eventuality.

The camp ends on Tuesday August 28th.