43% of School Leavers Attain At Least 5 Passes

The Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) surpassed one if its key indicators in the May/June Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams. The school said 43 % of 5th formers obtained five or more CSEC passes including Math and English.

This performance represents a 6% improvement on the 37% obtained in 2017.

Director of Education Dr. Gregory Julius said the target set for this year was 40%.

MSS Applauds Successful Candidates

The Montserrat Secondary School has extended congratulations to the students who were successful in this year’s exams.The MSS also applauded their parents and teachers for their support, hard work and dedication.

The school extended gratitude to the members of the community who assisted by tutoring students in the absence of their substantive teachers.

For those who were not as successful as they would have liked in this year’s exams, the school encourages them to pursue further studies.