Residents Invited To Discuss Montserrat's Future Relationship With UK

A public meeting will be held on Monday August 27th 2018 to facilitate the submissions of residents to the UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

The Montserrat Legislative Assembly (MLA) is hosting the event which will begin at 7pm at the Credit Union Hall in Brades. The MLA is urging residents to attend and to participate in this event, by sharing thoughts, opinions and desires to ensure that Montserrat's voices are heard.

It says the future of Montserrat depends on participation and persons should take this opportunity to influence the decision in the islands favour.

On July 20th, the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Parliament of the United Kingdom announced it would conduct an inquiry into "the Future of the UK Overseas Territories", which include Montserrat.

Head of the Montserrat UK Office Janice Panton says a request for a timeline for which submissions can be made has been sent to the Parliamentary Committee.