Former Chief Minister Calls for Constitutional Change in Montserrat

A former Chief Minister is throwing his support behind changes to the Montserrat Constitution.

Dr. Lowel Lewis believes the order should be amended to change the voting system, reintroduce constituencies, and introduce at large representation.

He is also calling for the removal of the right of non elected Members to vote in Parliament, the establishment of postal ballots and a revision of requirement for nomination of election candidates.

In his submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry Dr. Lewis is arguing for election candidates to be granted compulsory leave, without the risk of losing their jobs.

The former Chief Minister also supports changes to the governance structure with emphasis on transparency, which according to him is the hallmark of good government.

He posits that the enactment of Legislation for Integrity in Public Office and a Freedom of Information Act should be a priority.

Dr. Lewis says Montserrat does not have to look for to find a model relationship with the United Kingdom.

Former Chief Minister Dr. Lowel Lewis

The FAC inquiry is wide ranging and will cover issues such as the governance of the OTs, including their adherence to human rights frameworks; the benefits to the UK and the OTs of the relationship between them; the financing of the OTs.

Representation of the OTs in the UK, and assets and liabilities including but not limited to ecological richness and the effects of extreme weather, and natural resources such as minerals and fish is also under consideration.