Government Saves Half A Million On New Ferry Contract

The new ferry contract will save the government of Montserrat more than half a million dollars.

This was revealed by Access Coordinator Ashley Lindsey on the GIU radio programme “The Nation's Business”, which premiered on Monday.

The award of the contract to the MV Jaden Sun, was criticized after the bid by a local company was declined.

However, Mr. Lindsey says the process was fair.

Mr. Lindsey also addressed concerns about the cost of the contract.

Ashely Lindsey.

The new ferry contract comes into effect from Monday, October 1, for a period of 12 months.

Under the agreement, MV Jaden Sun will operate its services between Montserrat and Antigua with occasional trips to neighbouring islands.

Jaden Sun is registered in Kingstown, St. Vincent. 

It has a passenger capacity of 218.