Jaison Peters Collects Three Awards at LICB Prize Giving Ceremony

Individual Awards:

The Auckland Hector Best Wicket-Keeper – Mr. Jaison Peters (Montserrat)

The Robert Jeffers Most Discipline Team – Team St. Kitts

The Haycene Ryan Batsman with the Highest Individual Score – Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (Antigua & Barbuda 118 not out vs Montserrat.)

The Austin White Bowler with the Most Wickets – Mr. Deno Baker (Montserrat) &
Mr. Daniel Doram (Smarten) 10 wickets each.

The Keith Arthurton Best Fielding Team- Team St. Kitts

The Davon Williams Batsman with the Most Runs- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (278 runs Antigua & Barbuda).

The Lesroy Weekes Bowler with the Best Bowling Figures Mr. Deno Baker (Montserrat 6/23 vs St Maarten.)

The Bertrand Osborne Batsman who scored A Century in the Tournament-
Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (Antigua & Barbuda 118 not out.)
Mr. Chesney Hughes (Anguilla 104)

The Jim Allen Most Valuable Player of the Leeward Islands Men’s 50 Overs Championship 2018- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (Antigua & Barbuda)

Batsman with the Most Runs for Each Country:

Anguilla – Mr. Chesney Hughes (190 runs)

Antigua & Barbuda- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (278 runs)

St Maarten- Mr. Akeem Charles (75 runs)

Nevis – Mr. Adelvin Phillip (193 runs)

St Kitts – Mr. Akeem Saunders (176 runs)

Montserrat – Mr. Jaison Peters (213 runs)

Bowler with the Most Wickets for Each Country:

Anguilla – Mr. Chesney Hughes/ Mr. Yannick Leonard (7 wickets each)

Antigua & Barbuda – Mr. Karima Gore (7 wickets)

St Maarten Mr. Daniel Doram (10 wickets)

Nevis – Mr. Nelson Bolan (7 wickets)

St Kitts – Mr. Jeremiah Louis (9 wickets)

Montserrat – Mr. Deno Baker (10 wickets)

Most Valuable Player for Each Country 2018:

The Lanville Harrigan M.V.P for Anguilla- Mr. Chesney Hughes

The Sylvester Joseph M.V.P for Antigua & Barbuda- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall

The Imran Mc Sood M.V.P for St. Maarten- Mr. Daniel Doram

The Stuart Williams M.V.P for Nevis- Mr. Adelvin Phillip

The Shane Jeffers M.V.P for St Kitts- Mr. Terrance Warde

The Bennette Roach M.V.P for Montserrat- Mr. Jaison Peters

Final Country Standings for the Leeward Islands 2018 Men’s Championship:

Champions – Team St Kitts
Second Place- Team Antigua & Barbuda
Third Place- Team Anguilla