Constitution And Commissions Secretariat Creates Database

The Constitution & Commissions Secretariat is in the process of creating a database of Montserratians. The Secretariat says this is for persons who wish to serve on two of the Commissions.

These Commissions are the: Integrity Commission which was established to ensure the highest standards in public office by Ministers, Members of the Legislative Assembly and Public Officers.

The Complaints Commission deals with human rights complaints, maladministration complaints in the Government of Montserrat; and any other complaint prescribed by law. The database will also be used in the case where persons are needed to serve on other Commissions or Committees which may be formed from time to time to perform specific, time bound duties.

Persons who want to serve on these commissions should write to the Director of the Constitution & Commissions Secretariat. As part of this exercise, persons are asked to include their professional background, qualifications and experience, and which of the Commissions they would like to serve on.

Montserrat’s Constitution and Commissions’ Secretariat was established in 2012. 

The purpose of the Secretariat is to provide research, analytic and policy support to 4 independents constitutionally and legislatively established Commissions.  These are the Complaints Commission, Electoral Commission, Integrity Commission and the Mercy Commission.