Montserrat's 5th Chief Minister Dead at 83

The Montserrat community at home and overseas is mourning the death of former Chief Minister Bertrand Osborne. Mr. Osborne, who was 83, died at his home in Palm Loop on Tuesday.

He served as Chief Minister of Montserrat from November 1996 to August 1997, succeeding Reuben Meade.

The former businessman entered elected politics in 1985 and won his seat on the National Democratic Party platform in 1987, representing the Southern Constituency. In 1996 his coalition government comprised the Movement for National Reconstruction (MNR), the National Progressive Party (NPP) and an independent.

He resigned from his post amid criticism over his handling of the volcanic crisis.

Outside of politics, Mr. Osborne was instrumental in setting up the St. Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union, and was one of the earliest Presidents of the Montserrat Chamber of Commerce.

As Director of M.S. Osborne Ltd., he was considered a model corporate citizen. In 2001, Osborne was awarded the Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for long and distinguished service in the Montserrat Legislative Council; and recognition for a lifetime of service to the Montserrat community.

In 2014, Osborne was the recipient of the Order of Distinction in the inaugural National Honours and Awards ceremony in Montserrat.