Government’s Solar Project Off the Ground

The Government of Montserrat has provided an update on its 250 kilowatt utility scale solar PV project. 

The Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy hosted a press conference at its offices Wednesday morning to inform the public, through the media, of progress that has been made so far.

In addressing the media, Honourable energy minister Paul Lewis, said the aim was to increase the awareness so that the public have a better idea of the status of the project which will move on later to the one-megawatt phase with battery storage.

Mr. Lewis highlighted that the project contractor, US company Salt Energy” will be executing the project in line with national energy policy, strategy and implementation plan for Montserrat.

Honourable Energy minister Paul Lewis.  

Meantime, Operation’s manager for Salt Energy, David Kaul, says the physical installation of the solar panels has already started with a March 2019 completion date penciled in.

He has reassured the government and people of Montserrat that a robust system is being installed with adequate built-in resiliency. 

David Kaul of Salt Energy, the contractor for the first 250 Kilowatt phase of the solar PV project on island.