Two Montserratisn Selected for Regional Tech Programme

Two of Montserrat’s Technical entrepreneurs have been selected to be a part of a regional tech programme.

Dexter Small’s Yado and Linda Dias’ “Gig-A-Bite”, two applications presented in November’s 12LPitch Montserrat, have been selected for the Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Programme (CTEP).

Dias, Winner of i2LPitch Montserrat, was selected in the ideation category for her mobile application for musicians and promoters called Gig-A-Bite, while Small’s Yago, which was runner-up at i2LPitch is an application built on the Android platform which will connect service providers with customers needing help.

CTEP is a virtual incubator and accelerator programme focused on stimulating the creation and supporting the growth of technology entrepreneurship in the Caribbean Development Bank’s 19 Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs).

The programme will provide regionally relevant capacity-building workshops and critical mentorship support.

The first cohort is expected to commence this month and the selected entrepreneurs will compete for cash and business support prizes.

50 teams’ businesses are in the Idealization stage, 30 in the Validation stage and 10 in the Scale up phase.

These teams will cover critical capacity areas over a 10-week virtual course under the tutelage of qualified mentors and facilitators.

Coordinator of micro, small and medium enterprise development at CDB, Lisa Harding says supporting sustainable growth is one of CDB’s strategic objectives and the technology focused incubator programme creates a platform for scores of entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to advance their businesses, and to develop a range of innovative solutions for the market.

Harding adds that, in turn, they can be better positioned to create further employment opportunities for others as they expand their companies, and indeed contribute to the digital transformation of the Region.