Consultation on National Sports Policy Begins this Month

The Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services will begin the stakeholder engagement process for the development of the National Sports and Recreation Policy.

The objective is to gather feedback from key contributing agencies regarding the elements of the policy. This includes but is not limited to identifying issues, the barriers to success and the potential interventions.

During the month of October, the department will meet with Sports Association executives (past, present and perspective) and Government of Montserrat colleagues to discuss the policy. Larger public stakeholder engagement to get island wide input will be hosted in November.
The Montserrat National Sports Policy seeks to bring Montserrat into alignment with regional and international standards for sports development, athlete development, facilities management and anti-doping regulations. Within the Government of Montserrat’s Policy Agenda, sport development continues to be a priority; 2.8 Enhanced youth development through national programs including sports. This will create a greater product for sports tourism and provide a mechanism for economic development. The overall outcome is to address the regional standard of Total Participation (Sport for All) and High Performance Sports (Competitive Sports).