Discussion Over Whether David S Brandt Gets Fair Trial in Montserrat

The matter in the High Court concerning veteran Attorney at Law David S. Brandt has taken another interesting twist.

Reliable information reaching ZJB News Wednesday’s on the sufficiency hearing proceedings stated that Annesta Weekes QC of the prosecution argued that Mr. Brandt would not get a fair trial to which Mr. Brandt and his legal team were in agreement. 

The Montserrat Constitution provides that any person charged within a reasonable time shall be afforded a fair hearing.

It’s also been alleged that efforts were being attempted to move the trial outside of Montserrat but the Judge Justice Garret Evans agreed that it could only happen in Montserrat. 

The crown already conceded that Mr. Brandt could not get a fair trial in Montserrat.  Dr David Dorsette, the lead attorney for the Defense, agrees. 

ZJB News contacted Dr Dorsett in Antigua, and he said he intends to formally move the court on the issue of fair trial within Montserrat. 

ZJB News also learned that Annesta Weekes QC made an application on behalf of the Prosecution for Mr. Brandt to be committed to prison and for him to be barred from practicing law.  The judge refused the application.

Dr. Dorsette says based on the ruling by Justice Evans, Mr. Brandt will continue on bail and continue to practice as normal.

Meantime, ZJB News contacted Attorney at Law Warren Cassell to get an understanding of such an application by the Prosecution.

Attorney at law Warren Cassell