Ferry Service To Increase During St. Patrick’s Week

The Access Division has ramped up access to the island in preparation for the 2019 St Patrick’s Festival.

This is due to the level of demand by travelers both by air and sea.

The ferry service has now been increased from a 6 day to 7 days for the two-week period surrounding the St Patrick’s festival.

The ferry will run every day from the 5th March to the 24th March except on Sunday 17th March, when it will be hosting Scriber’s, “Round the island adventure tour”.

The service has seen a number of additional adjustments to better cater for the travelling public.

Customers are able to book via the live ferry service schedule online at www.ferry.ms. 

Air services will also see additional flights due to increased customer demand.

Both regular airline operators Fly Montserrat and SVG (ABM)Air have increased their daily flights.

Some additional support will be provided by WinAir on selected days, during the period March 5th to 21st.

Customers can book on each Operator’s website for available flights within the March period.

The St Patrick’s festival will run from March 8th to the 18th.