Police Responds to Criticism over Recent Drug Arrests

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) has responded to criticisms in the community and the diaspora about the recent arrests and charges meted out to a number of persons for drug offences, mainly marijuana here.

Persons are questioning the heavy charges that are being administered to persons who are found with a seed or even a joint.

They claim that the lives of young persons are being destroyed further by publishing the findings and charges in the media

But a Senior Officer told ZJB News that what persons are missing is that the RMPS doesn’t make laws, it only enforces the laws, and that the court makes its independent decisions based on the law.

He says if persons are peeved about what the laws stipulate, then they should approach the lawmakers and request that certain adjustments be made to legislation governing marijuana for instance.

The senior cop adds that cannabis sativa is still illegal an illegal substance in Montserrat, and based on the legislation the magistrate has very little discretionary powers.

He says until adjustments are made to the legislation, the RMPS has no alternative but to enforce the law, irrespective of whether a small or large amount of marijuana is found in anyone’s possession.

The senior lawman says the RMPS, in the meantime, is cautioning everyone that Cannabis Sativa or marijuana is still an illegal substance and persons found with it in their possession will be dealt with within the confines of the law.