Livestock Farmers Appeal for Help As Dogs Wreak Havoc on Animals

Packs of dogs continue to wreak havoc in the livestock industry.

Attorney at Law Jean Kelsick, who represents one of the farmers in Friths, says livestock are being systematically destroyed by marauding packs of dogs.

In a letter to Minister David Osborne said the problem has now become acute, with attacks taking place and livestock being killed almost daily.

He pointed out that under the law, both the Agricultural Department and the police have a statutory duty to address this problem.

According to Mr. Kelsick, the Department’s gun wardens have legal authority to shoot dogs that attack livestock and the police have separate statutory powers to shoot roaming dogs.

He called on the police to reinstate the licensing of dogs, which is mandatory under the Dogs Act and was done by them prior to the volcano.

There is now a wide public call for them to do so.  

Mr. Kelsick noted that unless something is done promptly, livestock owners in the Salem/Friths area may lose all of their livestock.

Acting Director of Agriculture Euline Silcott Greaves says the ministry’s technical team is investigating these reports. 


She acknowledges the issues raised by both parties, that is, the Livestock Farmers and the dog owners, therefore efforts are afoot to review and develop the policy and legislative framework. 


In the meantime, she is encouraging enforcement of the relevant laws, and calls on dog owners and livestock owners to ensure that they act in accordance with the law.