Chair of LDA Denies Withholding Workers Salaries

The chairman of the Montserrat Land Development Authority has taken issue with a report that suggested that the salaries of the staff were withheld.

Permanent Secretary Euline Silcott Greaves says it is unfortunate that the President of the Montserrat Civil Service Association, Nyota Mulcare would have taken a report to the Media, without full verification of the details.

She says there was no "stand-off" between workers and the Chairman, and that the LDA Board and management were not aware of any alleged grievances……as the staff had not raised any issues or concerns with the Management or Board of the MLDA.

Mrs. Mulcare served as a member of the Montserrat Land Development Authority Board until May 7th 2019.

She told ZJB News that she was dismayed at the fact that the workers had difficulties obtaining their salaries for May 2019 because of the inaction of the Chair of the MLDA Board. 

However Mrs. Greaves says at no time were the salaries of the workers at the Montserrat Land Development Authority presumptuously withheld.

She also stated that the Management and the Board of the LDA are not aware of any unusual action which could have been construed in any way as an attempt to deny workers their salaries for the month of May.

The Permanent Secretary observes that the report also suggests that the MLDA workers are not appreciated, and that these allegations are an indictment on the Manager and the Management Team which must be refuted.

She says the management of the Montserrat Land Development Authority recognizes the contributions of its staff and the tangible evidences of their work in shaping the landscape of Montserrat.

And they must be commended for their dedication and commitment to excellent service delivery.

The MLDA is a statutory body which falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing, and the Environment.