Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal Hands Down Judgment in Several Matters

In the matter Yolanda Royer versus the Director of Public Prosecutions, the court again ruled in favour of the DPP.

The Court has ordered an 18-month timeframe for the balance of money owing to be paid, and failure to pay will see Ms Royer spending 6 months in prison.

Originally Ms Royer was given a two-year period to pay a $50-thousand dollar fine and just over $118-thousand dollars in compensation.

Ms Royer appealed the sentence which was handed down by Justice Thomas Astaphan.

The appeal by Ms Royer comes to the court some five and a half years after the sentence by Justice Astaphan.

The court originally found in favour of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The original sentence was appealed and altered.

The DPP appealed against the decision of Justice Ian Morley to vary the sentence set by Justice Astaphan.

The appeal Court found that Justice Morley did not have the authority to alter the sentence by the high court judge.

Meantime, in the matter Andre West versus the Commissioner of Police, Mr. West won his appeal.

The court quashed the conviction and set aside the sentence imposed and ordered a retrial at a time to be decided.

Mr. West was convicted on a charge of obtaining exemption by deception, procuring items by deception.

And in another High Court civil appeal matter, Selsi Limited et al v Richard James Henry et al, the court ruled in favour of Selsi Limited.

The Appeal Court ruled against an injunction which was granted by a High Court Judge. The judge’s ruling prevented the sand mining operations of Selsi Limited.

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